About Us

At San Nioclas Developments, we pride ourselves on our focus and dedication. It’s our desire to provide our clients with the highest level of workmanship and project management while adhering to the strictest construction standards across the industry. We have vast experience working with design teams and consultants. Our expertise includes the ability to execute each project efficiently and on-time, utilizing our superior technical know-how, while giving the best advice on materials, cost efficiency, and project expedition.

The People

Fionnan O Muirthe is President of San Nioclas Developments and is responsible for company operations. He has been involved in all levels of construction management with emphasis on both interior renovations, new construction and maintaining client relationships for over a decade and a half. Fionan holds a degree in Construction Estimating (Quantity Surveying) from University of New South Wales, UK and a diploma in Construction Economics from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Mission Statement

San Nioclas Developments is committed to being one of New York's premier construction services provider, specifically within the fields of residential renovations. We have a strong in-house carpentry team and a sold base of MEP’S whom we work with on a consistent basis, thus creating a strong relationship which enables all projects to be delivered to the best quality & on time.  By continually refining our business practices based on our hands-on-experience, we will create a strong, cooperative partnership with our clients.